Wise Poets – Sandra Cisneros – Back Then or Even Now

Sandra Cisneros (December 20, 1954 -)

A Song For Guitar

I liked being young
with you once.
A moment or two,
here and there
with you once.
When you
were a poet,
and I was a poet.
Wordsmiths afraid
of the words
right before us.
I remember censoring
myself when I was sober.
Spontaneous combustion
when I wasn’t.
We did a lot of things
back then
under the courage
of alcohol.
We were a two-
ring-circus knife act.
Blade zinging
in the air, thud-
landing near
a shivering artery.
A thrill, a chill a minute.
Me and you.
I was leaving town,
and you were staying.
That’s why we each held
back from saying.
It takes growing older
to see some things
imagined were real.
Back then or even now.

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