For The Love Of Wisdom – Megan O’Grady – Art And The Reflected Life

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Megan O’Grady In any reflected life, there will be clarifying moments in which you travel to the edge of the shore. Art, at its best, does this mimetically, challenging us to see things differently by offering a set of open questions, rather than a verdict delivered from on high: a field of view that speaks …

For The Love Of Wisdom – Amanda Palmer – Art

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer (April 30, 1976 -) Art is what happens if you’re able to hold fast — with one angry, trembling hand — to your art-mirror, the one that reflects you, your trials, your thoughts, your audience, your insights, your attempts to try to figure out and express What It All Might Fucking Mean.

For The Love Of Wisdom – Iris Murdoch – Tyrants And Art

Iris Murdoch

Iris Murdoch (July 15, 1919 – February 08, 1999) Tyrants always fear art because tyrants want to mystify while art tends to clarify. The good artist is a vehicle of truth, he formulates ideas which would otherwise remain vague and focuses attention upon facts which can then no longer be ignored. The tyrant persecutes the …

For The Love Of Wisdom – Iris Murdoch – Art And Philosophy

Iris Murdoch

Iris Murdoch (July 15, 1919 – February 8, 1999) Both art and philosophy constantly re-create themselves by returning to the deep and obvious and ordinary things of human existence and making there a place for cool speech and wit and serious unforced reflection. Long may this central area remain to us, the homeland of freedom …

For The Love Of Wisdom – Franz Kafka – Art

Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka     (July 03, 1883 – June 03, 1924) Art, like prayer, is a hand outstretched in the darkness, seeking for some touch of grace which will transform it into a hand that bestows gifts. 🎂Happy Birthday Franz Kafka (July 03, 1883 – June 03, 1924) In Memoriam🌹

For The Love Of Wisdom – Melissa Pritchard – Writers And Art

Melissa Pritchard

Melissa Pritchard (December 12, 1948 -) Great writers are witnesses to the spirit of their age. They need not be accepted by their times; they rarely are. Speaking the truth, they may go unheard, be misunderstood or criticized. Later, posthumously, it is said they were ahead of their time…What you have chosen is a profound …