Wise Poets – Jennifer Chang – The Lonely Humans

Jennifer Chang

Jennifer Chang A type of hickory, it grows by water.So are we fools to drive to the riverthe day after our most savage stormshave finally stopped to seea tree we’ve never seen before?To hike in cold mud through a leafless forest,to behold clearings now clutteredby whatever fell last night—mostly oaks,no hickory—to attend the mad performanceof …

Wise Poets – Jennifer Chang – Obedience, Or The Lying Tale

Jennifer Chang I will do everything you tell me, Mother.I will charm three gold hairsfrom the demon’s head.I will choke the mouse that gnawsan apple tree’s roots and keep its skinfor a glove. To the wolf, I will bepretty and kind and curtsyhis crossing of my path. The forest, vocaleven in its somber tread, rages.A …

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